Mark your calendars for June 2nd, vintage enthusiasts, fashionistas, and environmentally conscious folks! Evergreen Brick Works is hosting a must-visit vintage market, and DoubleTake will be there to add to the excitement. Trust us, this event is not to be missed!


If you haven't been to Evergreen Brick Works Vintage Market yet ,you are in for a treat. Imagine taking a stroll through a beautiful green paradise, surrounded by the bustle of creativity and history. It's more than just a market; it's a mood that's calling to you! There is more than meets the eye. This vintage market is more than simply a shopping experience; it's about reconnecting with the past, the community, and your inner eco-conscious self. Say goodbye fast fashion guilt and hello to guilt-free vintage shopping with a dash of positive vibes!

And DoubleTake is excited to announce that we will be joining the list of sellers at this renowned market. For those who are unfamiliar with us, DoubleTake is not an ordinary thrift store. We are a charity shop, and we are all about giving back. Every dollar you spend with us goes directly to Yonge Street Mission (YSM), our parent nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing chronic poverty in Toronto since 1986. So, what is in it for you? Aside from upgrading your collection  with some amazing antique finds, you're also making a significant difference. Your contribution enables YSM to give work opportunities and essential resources to those in need, transforming your shopping binge into a force for good. Double Take is a community-driven hub for style, sustainability, and social impact converging in the most fabulous ways imaginable.

So visit our booth and prepare to be wowed! We've handpicked the best vintage gems, including timeless antiques and classic accessories. You will be able to experience a world of vintage charm and sustainable beauty! Whether you're looking for classic valuables for adults or charming outfits for children, our carefully chosen range of vintage clothing appeals to all ages and preferences. Enter a world where every object tells a story, every accessory adds a touch of style, and every knick-knack brings delight.

But that's not all; we'll also be selling our repurposed items, which have been meticulously produced in our upcycling workshop. Denim tote bags and bucket hats, carefully crafted from recycled denim, offer a unique blend of fashion and environmental sustainability. And let's not forget about our assortment of kitchen towels and other innovative products, all born from our dedication to breathing new life into donated items by our volunteers.

As you browse our options, remember that every purchase you make is more than simply a transaction; it's a statement. It represents a commitment to sustainability, a vote for reuse, and a vow to reduce waste. Together, we are converting wasted goods into gems, ensuring that they find a new home rather than a landfill.

So grab your tote bags and mark your calendars for June 2nd to celebrate style, sustainability, and creativity with us. From old gems to repurposed wonders, Evergreen Brick Works has something unique for you. Plus, don't miss out on the opportunity to explore other wonderful vintage vendors from the city as well. See you there!

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