Hi Everyone, 

As we lower our products and provide more selection for you, we find that we are unable to hand returns and exchanges. This means that our products are now final sale. 

We're here to help though!

Each garment has detailed pictures, measurements, and condition details so you know exactly what you're buying every time. 

Check out our video below on how we measure our garments when we put them up for sale. Feel free to measure your own garments to ensure the best fit every time!



If you have no idea what measures mean when you shop online at Double Take, watch this video and make sure your clothes fit perfectly! 🛍

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You can also check out an awesome article on fitting here:

  • https://effortlessgent.com/how-to-measure-clothes/

Email us if you have any questions or concerns. We can provide more pictures, information and measurements! 


November 11, 2022 — Sharon Abel