Why Volunteer With Us

Gain Experience

Volunteering with Double Take Thrift Store provides you with hands-on experience in the retail and operations industry. You'll gain practical insights into customer service, inventory management, and the overall functioning of a thrift store, enhancing your skills and knowledge for potential future opportunities in the retail sector.

Environmental Impact

Double Take thrift store plays a crucial role in saving clothing from ending up in landfills. As a volunteer, you actively contribute to reducing waste by assisting in the sorting, presentation, and selling of donated items, promoting a more sustainable approach to consumption.

Help Those in Need

Your contribution ensures that Double Take can provide affordable, well-presented clothing and housewares to both paying customers and those using YSM-issued vouchers, enhancing their shopping experience with dignity.

YSM provides individuals experiencing poverty with vouchers to shop at Double Take thrift store. By volunteering, you play a part in ensuring that these individuals can access quality items and shop with dignity, enhancing their sense of self-worth and well-being.

Positions Available

Do you want to help us make an impact?
Please check out our open positions here.

Backroom Donations Sorting Volunteer

Sort through all the donations before anyone else gets to see them! Assist the back room staff team by sorting donated items at Double Take.

Donation Sorter duties include sorting, hanging, and checking the quality and cleanliness of donated items so that our customers only get the best of our donations. There may be other miscellaneous tasks as required.

This role is primarily in the back room and warehouse, and will require standing, walking, bending, and lifting (approx 20lbs). A basic knowledge of clothing types is appreciated, and if you are someone who is familiar with children's clothing sizes, we definitely want to hear from you!! All volunteers must wear closed-toed shoes when volunteering at Double Take.

This role is available for both In-A-Pinch Volunteering and Long Term Volunteering.

The back room is a fun place to be, and we look forward to the prospect of having your join our crew! Please get in touch if this role sounds like a good fit for you!

Retail Support Volunteer

The purpose of the Retail Support Volunteer role is to  welcome and provide a warm, friendly greeting to our retail customers as they enter our store, to provide assistance when needed, and to help create a positive and inviting store atmosphere! Duties include customer service, tidying and organizing merchandise, and other miscellaneous related tasks as required. The ideal volunteer will be passionate about social change and community empowerment in line with YSM’s values, and should be self-motivated in initiating projects under the guidance and supervision of the manager and assistant manager.

This role is on the sales floor primarily, and will require standing, walking, bending, lifting (approx 20lbs), and reading price tags. A basic knowledge of clothing types is appreciated. All volunteers must wear closed-toed shoes when volunteering at Double Take.

This role is available for both In-A-Pinch Volunteering and Long Term Volunteering.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please get in touch!

Upcycling Studio Support Volunteer

Do you love mending or sewing? Are you excited by the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment? Do you feel passionate about social change and community empowerment? Upcycling Studio volunteers are sewing & mending enthusiasts who help to fix and repurpose discarded clothing and keep more textiles out of landfills. Our wonderful menders repair stuff that is in good condition “except for” that small hole, missing button or sagging hem so that it can live a second life instead of going to the landfill. Our Production sewing volunteers know their way around a sewing machine, a serger, a pattern and an iron and help us make new products from old textiles to sell in the store, online and at markets around Toronto.

The nature of these roles makes them more suited to those interested in a long term volunteer commitment. If this type of volunteering sounds like your thing, we'd love to hear from you!

Group and Corporate Volunteering

Project: GENERAT1ON is a hands-on group engagement experience that makes giving back fun and meaningful by participating directly in the life-changing programs and services offered by YSM in collaboration with our staff, at one of our three downtown Toronto facilities.

By participating in Project: GENERAT1ON you and your team will become a vital part of our vision to end the cycle of poverty for Toronto neighbours in one generation!“

Learn more about group and corporate volunteer opportunities here!

Already Volunteering and Have Questions?

All questions about reporting your volunteer hours or obtaining a volunteer confirmation letter can be answered by YSM's volunteer resource team!

They can be contacted at volunteer@ysm.ca

*Note: if you are unable to find a shift to sign up for that means that Double Take has reached its capacity and we are unable to take more volunteers. Thank you so much for your interest and keep an eye on your volunteer hub for cancellations and new shifts!*

For further information, check out the Volunteering With Us section of our FAQ!