Upcycled Silk Scrunchies DIY Kit

$10.00 CAD

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This DIY Silk Scrunchie Sewing Kit is a great way to make your own unique accessories!

Made from 100% silk ties with fun and interesting prints, you can protect both your hair and the environment. Make these for yourself, or share the three pack with friends.  

Each kit comes with pre-cut pattern pieces in similar colours with complimentary prints, pre-cut elastic and a tutorial link with video instructions.

There is enough supplies to make three upcycled silk scunchies. 

Great for both the beginner and experienced crafter!

See the tutorial here: https://doubletakeysm.ca/pages/silk-scrunchie-tutorial

*Note: due to more efficient cutting methods, we are able to make more than one scrunchie per tie, so composition tags are limited to one per kit. Feel free to make or add your own tags for more personalization.*